Streetlevel studios is a professional recording studio and post production facility in the heart of Cardiff, South Wales that couples 15 years of experience with the best high-end recording equipment - all at competitive rates.



  • We offer the complete range of services, including pre-production, recording, production, rehearsals, mixing and mastering. For more information visit our recording services page      
  • We provide professional audio post production for film, TV, radio and digital media at extremely attractive rates. For more information on our post production facilities please visit our post production services page



  • The recording setup is centred around an industry standard Pro Tools HD4 capable of recording 128 tracks and full mix automation. We have some of the best microphones and pre amps money can buy from legendary companies such as Neve, Api, Neumann, Royer, AKG, Peluso, Thermionic Culture etc. For a full equipment/instrument list visit our equipment page



  • The live room is a very spacious 27sqm which can easily accommodate an 8 piece band for rehearsal or a recording. It has natural daylight, movable acoustic screen to create varying acoustic spaces or separation and also has a vocal booth/amp room. The control room is a great monitoring environment which also has natural daylight and is very pleasant to work in.



  • The Streetlevel team consists of Curig Huws and Will Davies with a combination of 25 years' experience in the music industry as musicians, producers, engineers and mixers. Curig has worked as a professional sound engineer/producer in the music industry for 16 years see our client list page for details of the bands and producer he's worked with. Will Davies divides his time between touring with his band Attack! Attack! and producing bands at Streetlevel. He's worked with world class producers like Sylvia Massey (Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Skunk Anansie), Michael C. Ross (Christina Aguilera, Counting Crows) and Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Funeral for a Friend). If you would like to learn more about how you can benefit from their expertise visit the recording services page






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